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5 Impressive Facts About Some Of The World’s Biggest Brands

If the economy of McDonalds was a country, it would be the 68th largest country in the world – just ahead of Sri Lanka.


Proctor and Gamble wouldn’t have existed if the two men hadn’t decided to marry. Both men married into the Norris family and it was the father of the two sisters Alexander Norris that persuaded them to go into business together.


Ben&Jerry’s was originally going to be a bagel company. However, when the owners realised how expensive bagel making equipment was, they decided to go on a cheap ice-cream making course instead.


(Not recommended!!) FedEx’s CEO Fred Smith ran into some difficulty early on and the company was low on money. Smith emptied the bank accounts and flew to Vegas, returning after the weekend with over $30,000 to keep his company going.


During World War II, Coca-Cola quickly sold out with no more syrup going into Germany. Using only ingredients available at Germany at the time, a new drink was developed named Fanta (short for ‘fantasie’).