In today’s fast paced society you only have seconds to capture your audiences attention and often the only thing that sets you apart will be how eye catching your brand and proposition are. Think about it, when you need something the first thing that comes in your mind will be a brand, strapline or proposition you have had familiarity with, this is known as recall and we like to think we’re pretty good at encouraging it. When you get it right, ‘recall’ can be one of the most powerful marketing tools you have and delivers the correct perception for new and existing customers.

At PMD Creative Solutions we adopt a ‘Brand Workshop’ approach, this helps develop branding with longevity and impact. The process we typically adopt would be:

All about you, your history, your future, your competition and your target audience. We want to understand all aspects about your company by breaking down all elements about you, then we can start to understand your true identity and how you should be perceived in the market. Working together we can explore your brand identity and find a look and feel that brings to life your knowledge, expertise and profile.

With an understanding about who you are and your place in the market place we can start to develop the personality of the brand. The look and feel is essential in developing perceptions but the personality is what will set you apart from the competition. We interpret the personality into brand guidelines and setting a common theme for all communications from your company

The end result is transforming perceptions amongst new and existing customers. We’ve seen what a difference brand identity workshops can do for a business, whether a start up or established company speak with the team at PMD Creative Solutions to see how we can revolutionise your approach and deliver a real brand experience.

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