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What’s So Great About Direct Mail? PMD Explains All..

Direct mail tends to split opinion, people who think it’s great, and people who don’t rate it very highly. But, direct mail brings in the results when it is produced to a high standard and targeted at the right people. Here’s why we think direct mail is so successful…

  1. Highly targeted – If your mailing list is great, your direct mailing will be great. Having a great mailing list means you’ll be sending the right people the right thing, meaning you can make it highly personalised and highly effective, increasing your sales and making direct mail a cost-effective form of advertising.
  2. Measurable – Measuring your marketing activity is crucial. The more data you capture on your target market and the responses to your campaign, the easier it is to identify which campaign was a success. This is where direct mail has the upper hand on other advertising mediums such as magazines and billboards.
  3. Flexible to your budget – Direct mail can fit in around your budget. It can include as much or little information as you like, be the size that you like, use a simple postcard or a more expensive brochure. It isn’t limited to a particular area size or style like many other advertising mediums.
  4. People always look – Unlike emails bombarded into an inbox that get immediately moved to the junk folder, people take note of direct mail. They have a few moments to think about your message without any other competing noise.
  5. Tangible – Direct mail has a long shelf life if your audience find it useful. Your advertisement may be even pinned up on their fridge! You’ll become memorable to them and retain their interest.

Direct mail may be an old way to advertise, particularly compared to social media, but it is effective, immediate and successful – when it’s done right!