The prospectus or brochure is often the first impression that a parent or prospective student has of the school or college. We all know how first impressions count, so what does your prospectus say about your school? First impressions are critical, a bad start is hard to overcome, a good one is a big stride in the right direction. A good school prospectus instantly impresses the ethos, personality and achievements of your school.

To ensure we can get the right message across in your school prospectus, we spend time getting to know your school, identifying the little details that make it stand apart from the competition.

We then produce a prospectus that you can be proud to hand out, whilst providing it in a format that you can keep up to date with all the useful information that prospective parents require. We understand that information changes regularly and we design and develop prospectuses that you can edit and keep updated, quickly and easily.

We’ve worked with many schools to deliver prospectuses that are both outstanding in look and functionality.

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