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Benefits of Using Our In-house Personalised Digital Printing

Personalised printing allows you to tailor your content to your customer data. Using data profiling or purchase history data, you can customise your printed material to match the likes and needs of each customer. But what are the benefits of using our in-house personalised digital printing solution?

There are two main goals for personalised print.

  1. Grabbing your audience’s attention: Your personalised digital print puts your attractive points right at the point they first see it, which can in-turn drive up engagement rates due to the relevance of the print.
  2. Increased conversions: Showcasing the products/services you know your customer will like will make your printed material much easier for them to use, therefore increasing the response rates, conversions and return on investment.

The benefits of personalised printing:

–       Displays the products your customer is most likely to buy

–       Improves product attraction

–       Increases usability

–       Increases enquiries, orders and ROI


What needs to be considered when choosing personalised print?

Level of personalisation

Basic: Basic personalisation includes elements such as names, addresses and additional text that be taken from your database. These details can be placed anywhere on your mailing, the envelope, within the text body. Details such as local store addresses or contact information can also increase the value of your offering to the customer, making them much more likely to read your printed material and convert into buyers.

Creative: Using your data and four colour printing, personalised printing can become much more creative and further enhance the relevance of your printed material. This means your data has to be as detailed and segmented as possible. Information such as previous purchases, abandoned online shopping carts or previous offers they have been receptive to are all great in personalising your print in more creative ways.

Digital: Combining other data sources is the next level of personalisation. For example, digital information such as directions to your store from your customer’s house combined with opening times can be printed onto your material. The opportunities for combing digital information with your printed material are endless, and many other companies are starting to demonstrate this, making your print runs much more targeted.

Talk to your agency about your objectives for your personalised print, and they will be able to talk through the best options for you.