With shelves groaning under the weight of so many products and brands it’s often the one that shouts the loudest that ends up in the trolley. By creating eye-catching, strongly branded point of sale material we can help you to make sure yours is the product that stands out from the rest. We love point of sale design, you probably think we’re mad but the technical requirement provides us with a real challenge and we enjoy taking our clients brands and working them up to fit into a framework that can then effectively sell their products.

We’ve created some bizarre pieces in our time from shelf cards for our client White Cross Vets to major film promo panels to go into cinemas. Whether it’s a gondola end, shelf markers or floor stickers we have the experience to help across all formats. We’re constantly looking for the latest way to use POS Design to help drive sales, whether messages in store or display cases to bring to life your products you can be assured PMD Creative Solution will help you find the best POS design solution for your requirement.

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