Your school logo is a badge of honour. It appears on your school uniform, your signage, and all of your print and digital media. Whether you are looking to refresh your image, or create something from scratch, we can help. A strong identity is increasingly important in order to ensure that your school branding is immediately recognisable, allowing you to more easily convey your ongoing messages to parents, pupils, and all stakeholders in the school.

We are skilled at both enhancing your existing identity and developing this into a unified style through your website, prospectus, newsletters, promotions etc. and developing an entirely new brand, whilst being there to guide you through the school branding process.

We will hold initial workshops, before working with you to develop concepts and ideas to form a foundation of the new school branding identity. Only when everyone is happy with the underlying message, will we move forward to develop your new logo, colours and ultimately brand guidelines which will form the basis of your school’s marketing and communications.

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