Perhaps the most effective communication tool to directly engage with your customers, email can develop loyalty, increase your sales and reduce the on-going cost of regularly marketing to your audience. However to be successful in email marketing your communications need to be interesting, relevant and timely. Randomly send out HTML email designs and you could be blacklisted or worse ‘unsubscribed’. Get the magic formula right and it could be the difference between success and failure for your business.

We can create compelling HTML email designs from a one-off to multiple campaigns for you and we use the most robust web-based system to ensure that your emails land when they’re supposed to and get to the people you want to reach. From the send we consider the ‘journey’ mapping who the email will be sent to, when it will be received and the destination for the recipient. The whole process plays an essential role in its success and if we achieve a ‘click’ we want to make sure they then spend time on your site. As an email marketing agency in Yorkshire we take great pride in not just implementing emails but develop successful targeted email campaigns, our wealth of knowledge from direct mail plays a large role in our thinking and we monitor, track and quantify all results to ensure we understand what works.

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