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How To Make Your Direct Mail Campaign Stand Above The Rest

95% of direct mail is opened and looked it. That means it has to have an impact, it has to stand out from your competitors and most importantly; it has to create a response.

Call to action – how does your audience know what you want them to do, how and by when? Although a creative direct mail creates the initial ‘wow factor’, if the call to action is lost within all that great creativity, then the direct mail hasn’t done its purpose.

Target the right people – There is no good in targeting people who aren’t and won’t be interested in your product or service (it’s a waste of your time and money!). Building your brand awareness and improving your response rate can only happen if they right audience receive your mailing.

Make it interesting – Your audience want to know the benefit they are going to receive by buying your product or using your service, don’t waste the mailing space or their time telling them things they don’t need to know. Can you save them time? Save them money? Improve their efficiency? These are all things your audience wants to hear – even better if they have a great testimonial to read about you!

Incorporate a multi-channel strategy – Make sure you include all avenues for your audience to contact you on, email address, Twitter username, Facebook address, LinkedIn contact name.

Stand out – Look at what your competitors are doing, and do something completely different. If your competitors are offering a mailing to the same audience as you, then yours has to stand out in their minds – it’s no good blending in!

No technical stuff – Using big fancy words and technical jargon might make you sound extremely knowledgeable, but if your audience doesn’t understand what you’re saying, then it will be difficult to hold on to their interest.

Take your time at the start of a campaign and think things through properly – your response rates can be great when a direct mail campaign is done right!