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Your Brand Name Is Crucial, Make Sure It’s Right!

A great brand name is crucial. You have seconds to grab a consumer’s interest and make your brand stick in their mind, so your brand name has to be perfect. It’s the first thing you have to consider, and it will be stuck with you for a very long time! There are a few crucial things to think about first…

Make it web-friendly – The Internet is extremely powerful and a crucial way for consumers to find you. Your name should be easy to find and give Internet users an idea of what your company does. This includes getting a domain name that is directly associated with your company. This is also the case for social media – your brand should be easy to find, and exclusivity on your name is ideal for setting up social media platforms.

Keep it simple – Word-of-mouth becomes difficult when consumers can’t pronounce your name properly or it is too complicated for them to remember! This includes the spelling; potential consumers won’t be able to find you on search engines if they can’t spell your brand name correctly.

Make it unique – Although you want to keep it simple, differentiating yourself from all the noise out there is key. Make it memorable, create a buzz. Giving away too much information in the brand name may cause consumers to lose interest in you, keep the curiosity there. Look at your competitor brands and identify how to keep away from similarities and create something eye catching and memorable.

Match it to the logo – Your logo and brand name can often go hand-in-hand, so they have to relate. This makes it simple for people to remember your brand, Apple is a prime example.

Give a little hint – Your brand name must have a strong distinction from others in the market, as well as reflecting your businesses strengths or highlighting what kind of product/service you provide. Some brand names have no relation to the business they are in, but reflect on the ‘feeling’ aspect of the name.