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Growing A Small Business: A Few Marketing Tips

Starting up a business can be tough. One of the most difficult things is reaching the audience you want to target and not only grabbing their attention, but also retaining that interest in you. There are a few ways you can do this..

  1. Market everything – There is an awful lot of noise in the market, and you have to make yourself stand above the rest. They key is to market everything and make yourself memorable to the consumer. Whether this is handing out more business cards at any available opportunity, producing more advertisements, promoting more sales or tweeting more tweets – getting your name stuck into the consumer’s mind as their first port-of-call is essential.
  2. Convenience – You need to fall into the consumer’s lap, make it easy for them. Convenience can make the difference in a consumer choosing you over a competitor. Make it easy to find you on the internet and make your website applicable for all types of technology – it is said that consumer’s now use more than one type of product to browse the internet, whether this is their mobile phones, tablets, laptop, make it convenient for them to see you and your website.
  3. Create incentives – Consumers love a deal! Incentives are key to drawing in custom, whether this is a loyalty scheme or discounts creating an attractive proposition grabs and retains consumers. Word of mouth is extremely powerful and if you can create higher levels of customer satisfaction and levels of engagement, your brand recognition will improve.
  4. Customer service – “I’m never going there again, the service was dreadful”. You will have heard this phrase many times I’m sure. Consumers have the power to be picky on which companies they deal with, the more competition in the market the more power they have in the decision, so one poor interaction with a customer can instantly lose you business. Keep in touch with the people buying your goods or using your service, use the feedback you receive, open up more channels of communication with them and build the trust in the relationship with your customers.
  5. Social media – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Tumblr, Istagram, it’s not enough to just be on one of these platforms anymore, you need to be embracing them all. And that doesn’t mean just having a presence, you need to be engaging and promoting yourselves on them. Use it as a communication tool as well as advertising on them, build up your network and spread the word about how great you are!