Ortho Europe – Foot Match Catalogue

The Challenge

We have worked with Ortho Europe for over 5 years and have provided design, artwork and print services for them. Ortho Europe was established in 1990 and is a major European manufacturer and distributor of prosthetic and orthotic product. Ortho Europe approached us because they wanted a catalogue creating for orthopedic shoes. Instead of the stereotypical unfashionable and medical look, Ortho Europe wanted a modern, fashionable feel creating for the orthopedic shoes. Whilst proving their fashion value, Ortho Europe wanted to show that the shoes still fit the requirements needed to be an orthopedic shoe.

The Solution

We produced a 72-page catalogue in 4 weeks, where we did all the design, the photography and the artwork. We succeeded in supplying the modern feel as well as showing the medical benefits from wearing Ortho Europe’s orthopedic shoes.