Rastrick High School – Direct Marketing Campaign

The Challenge

Rastrick High School is a large mixed gender school with Academy Status situated in Calderdale. Rastrick wanted to market the school’s strengths and opportunities to the wider catchment area to increase awareness and promote the school. They also wanted help to promote their upcoming open days to help drive families who wouldn’t necessarily visit without the aid of marketing, to visit the school and further understand Rastrick High School’s offering.

The Solution

We decided that the most cost effective and efficient idea to promote Rastrick High School’s ethos was a direct marketing campaign. We targeted the direct marketing campaign at parents with children born in 2006/07 and live within the designated radius and drive time of Rastrick. We selected data based on postcodes required and purchased the address data on a multi-use basis from a database. Once we had gathered all the information we needed for a successful direct marketing campaign, we created a marketing piece that promotes the school’s ethos, unique selling propositions and the main proposition, as well as details on an upcoming open day. The direct marketing campaign was effective as it is guaranteed the information will get straight to the target audience.