The Challenge – The number of overweight pet dogs and cats is on the rise. PDSA research shows that 80% of vets believe there will be more overweight pets than healthy pets within 5 years, and that 81% of vets have seen a rise in pet obesity in the last two years. White Cross Vets wanted to help make a difference to these statistics as well as make clients aware that their pet is in safe hands and looked after to the best of their ability.

The Solution – The ‘Free weight clinic’ was introduced to inform people how important it is to take action if their pet is overweight. During a weight clinic, one of the qualified White Cross nurses will weigh and examine the pet and give advice on the best nutrition and exercise plan for them. Once they have attended the free weight clinic, the pet will be invited to attend free regular checkups and weigh ins to help keep the weight loss on track until they have reached the target weight. Not only does this campaign make sure pets are as healthy as they can be but it also builds a relationship between the client and White Cross Vets.