The challenge

The new Head Teacher at Russell Hall Primary School and Nursery posed the following question to the children – “What would you change about your school to make it better”.   In response to this, the children wanted their school logo to not be ‘as childish’.  The challenge here was to alter the logo whilst not make it too corporate and still retaining the ‘heart of the community’ feel.  Once the rebrand had been carried out the school also wanted a fresh, up to date informative website designing and developing.

The solution

PMD carried out a full workshop with teachers, governors, parents and children. In doing so we were able to get under the skin of the school and really understand the positioning of the school within the community. A fully integrated approach was taken to ensure all mission and vision values were met.  Once this was clear it was easier to produce a logo and brand that reflected the thoughts of the school for the future.

Going forward Russell Hall are embracing their new brand and carrying it out throughout the school through uniform, stationary, signage and especially their website.

The website took the rebrand and brought to life the ideas and values of the school whilst informing children, parents, governors and other external bodies.