What did we do?

Pro-fit Innovations create easy to use products that solve real everyday problems. The result is a range of indispensable affordable tools that help to get the job done faster. Our client wanted their new website to be custom built and contain all information about their products. They also required their website to contain video and imagery content to help ‘show off’ their products and how they can help you. Pro-fit Innovations also required a Woo commerce store so that they could sell their products to potential customers.

Custom built

The Pro-fit Innovations website was custom built to suit all of their needs an requirements. The website is full of SEO boosting content as well as lot’s of image and video content.


We also created a Woo commerce store on the Pro-fit Innovations website. This enabled the client to promote and sell their products.


We built the website to be interactive for all users. The website allows users to interact and communicate accurately with the website. Helping with navigation but also queries.


The Pro-fit Innovations website is reactive to the users device. This means the website will react to your device to ensure all content fits and looks professional no matter on the size of the users device.

To view the website please click here. If you are interested in building a custom website tailor made to your company needs and requirements, please enquire now.