What did we do?

Dr Mark Hurst is an optometrist who has earned an excellent local reputation for upholding the highest quality in eye care. The Mark Hurst Opticians combine the latest technology, with professionalism, care and a personalised service, to ensure that your eye examination is thorough and fulfils your unique requirements. Our client wanted a custom built website that had informative content but also imagery relative to their services. The website also needed to include information about each of their services with easy navigation between all services.

Custom built

The Mark Hurst Opticians website was custom built to suit all of their needs an requirements. The website is full of SEO boosting content as well as lot’s of image and video content.


We built the Mark Hurst Opticians website with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) boosted content. We focused on improving the clients SEO so that they will appear higher within search engine results.


We built the website to be interactive for all users. The website allows users to interact and communicate accurately with the website. Helping with navigation but also queries.


The Mark Hurst Opticians website is reactive to the users device. This means the website will react to your device to ensure all content fits and looks professional no matter on the size of the users device.

To view the website please click here. If you are interested in building a custom website tailor made to your company needs and requirements, please enquire now.