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Ofsted inspectors praise Christ Church Primary School

A SHIPLEY primary school has been praised for raising expectations and improving standards over the past 18 months. Christ Church Academy has been awarded a good Ofsted judgement in every area of education in a report released this week.

In March 2015 the Wrose Brow Road school was told it required improvement, with inspectors critical of its quality of teaching, leadership and results of its pupils. The report said pupils did not perform well enough in maths and writing, and that there was a “historic and significant underachievement.” But newest report recognises that the school has changed for the better in many areas, and says there is a “wave of high achievement” sweeping through the academy.

Inspectors visited Christ Church last month, but have just released their report. In it they say: “Since the last inspection, leaders have been unwavering in their actions to address the areas for improvement.

“The headteacher is ambitious for every child to have the chance to succeed.

“Inspectors observed how even the youngest pupils demonstrated their understanding of compassion when reflecting on how they could try to be a better person.

“Over time, teachers have made considerable improvements in the way they teach writing and mathematics.

“Teachers use a wealth of different strategies to increase pupils’ interest in reading and confidence to read.”

Inspectors spoke to pupils during their visit, and the report adds: “Nearly all pupils said, ‘Christ Church is a school where people are kind’ and they should ‘get 10 out of 10 for being friendly’. They recognise and value differences and say, ‘We welcome everyone…it is special to be different.’

“Since the last inspection the school has quickly and effectively addressed some long-standing historical and significant underachievement.”

The school, which has 216 pupils, joined the Bradford Diocesan Academies Trust in 2013, and the trust’s director has admitted the school has faced a “tough journey” since it converted. The report praises both the trust and the governors for their “support and challenge” in improving standards.

Craig Lee, Primary Director at BDAT said: “We are delighted to be able to celebrate the improvements at Christ Church Academy and are pleased that the hard work of the head and staff at the school have been recognised in securing this judgement.

“Christ Church has been on a tough journey since academy conversion and it is fantastic to see that the collective determination and drive of school, governors, the trust and our children has paid off”.

Philippa Foster, head at the school, said “We are delighted with the outcome of the recent OFSTED inspection. The feedback from pupils that they feel safe at school, enjoy their time with us, and are seeing strong progress in their learning is a real achievement for the academy.

“Our good OFSTED judgement reinforces that Christ Church Academy is a school which our pupils, our parents, our staff and our community can be proud to be a part of.”

The 8 main reasons to have a responsive website

The 8 Main Reasons to have a responsive Business Website.

It will come to no surprise the growth of mobile devices, in modern society, of smart phones and tablets and the device usage via games, apps, social media and websites. With that in mind it is crucial your business website is mobile friendly – ‘RESPONSIVE’ – so that existing and prospective clients can easily browse and find information regardless of what type of device they use to do so. Here they are:

1: Increase in mobile usage

Through research & analytics it shows that on average 60% of people visiting websites do so from tablets and mobile phones. That percentage will continue to grow and therefore existing & potential clients are likely to have a poor experience on an unresponsive site will more than likely think less of your brand and start looking at competitors.

2: Growth in shopping from mobile devices

It’s a known fact that online shopping is steadily on the increase and if your products aren’t easily viewed due to an unresponsive site then they are likely to go to a competitor.

3: Social Media increases mobile visitors

It is said that over 55% of social media consumption comes from mobile devices, so sharing links from social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. to your website will mean more traffic and viewing of your website from mobile devices. Therefore if you are looking to share content you need to be responsive.

4: SEO rankings improve with responsive sites

Google recommends responsive development for mobile web design. Responsive sites will boost your Google rankings. Additionally, Google likes that responsive sites use single URLs vs. different URLs for separate mobile versions of websites. Mobile devices now use a different algorithm to desktops so even if it appears high when searching on a desktop it wont be doing via a mobile device unless it’s responsive.

5: Responsive designs adapt to multiple devices size

It is important that your website looks good on whatever device or screen size and there for needs to be responsive. It will also work on such devices as smart watches and Google Glass.

6: Responsive Site = One Site: Easier to manage and increase ROI

It has been common practice to have 2 sites; a main site and a mobile version; which would mean multiple versions to manage and update. One responsive site will adapt to every device.

7: Responsive sites provide better user experience

A responsive site provides a far better experience with no more slide scrolling, pinching and zooming to see an entire site that doesn’t fit on a mobile screen. It will also improve brand perception and the audience will be able to find what they need quickly and easy. This will decrease people leaving the site at the home page and going to a competitor.

8: Better bathroom experience

Slightly off putting subject but it is a fact that people, including myself, do browse their mobile devices whilst using the bathroom. A responsive site will give a far more positive user experience.


If you would like to discuss this article and would like to know more information regarding making your website responsive please call James Dawson on 01274 532278 or email

White Cross Vets Virtual Tour

If you’d like to see how the White Cross Vets brand looks, see the virtual tour of one of the practices. Everything you see printed/branded has been designed/developed by us.

Senior Account Executive Required (16-20K)



We are seeking energetic, confident and talented account executive to work with our existing and varied client base.

You will be a passionate, dynamic and dedicated individual, with integrated through the line experience with a proven track record of excellent project management and establishing superb client relationships. As a Senior Account Executive you will be required to take new projects on and manage them from start to finish, whilst being the first point of contact for your clients on a day-to-day basis.

We are looking for a real self-starter, someone who will be able to hit the ground running, understand the clients needs, and be able demonstrate a good creative eye for growing our existing accounts.

You will be responsible for managing client work through the agency including taking briefs, liaising with the creative team then ensuring all work runs through the studio efficiently, effectively, on time and within budget. You will be a key point of contact for clients, ensuring there is regular communication and updates as and when required.

Key requirements:

  • Prior design agency experience preferred, Junior Account Executive or Junior Account Manager level
  • Preferrably educated to degree standard
  • Project Management experience


If you are fantastic with people, interested in working in a dynamic and varied marketing agency environment and comfortable working as part of a team, PMD Creative Solutions could be the right company for you!

The small print: Closing Date: 25 July 2014. No recruitment agency please.

How To Make Your Marketing Budget Go Further

Every penny counts within your business, however many companies understand that the more you put in, the more you will get out. Your marketing budget doesn’t have to be excessive, a few simple tweaks can make your efforts go much further than you may realise! So how can you make your marketing budget go further?

Keep focussed: Be clear on your objectives and understand your audience. Keeping your audience at the focus of your activity will eliminate any unnecessary actions. Developing tactics that hit these targets will result in a clear, concise plan that is well managed and embraces a mix of tools relevant to your market – making your budget go further. Identify key messages you are wanting to communicate, keeping them consistent throughout your material.

Plan ahead: Take the time to sit down and put together a marketing plan for the following year. Take into account special occasions such as Christmas where you may possibly require additional activity. Putting a plan together will help contain your marketing budget. Talk to your agency about your objectives and they will be able to advice the best strategy for you going forward.

Photography: Purchasing stock photography can quickly become costly. Outsourcing photography can be much more cost effective for your business, look into the cost of both and which is going to give you the best result.

Social Media: Take advantage of social media as an inexpensive marketing tool. Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pininterest are a great way of reaching out to and communicating with your customers. Make sure to keep posts interesting, targeted and often – regular updates will help remind your audience of your offering. Don’t just sell sell sell. The great thing about social media is sharing your knowledge of your industry and building trust amongst your audience. Provide them with helpful tips and articles and engage with your audience – this is particularly great with Twitter. We suggest taking the 20%, 30%, 50% approach to tweeting. 20% of your tweets should be promotional tweets, offers, new products etc. 30% should be facts and information surrounding your industry, and 50% should be engagement – make conversation and ask questions and opinions, the more feedback the better! Marketing isn’t always about sales, getting your name out there with regular communication is equally valuable.

Ask the question: Your agency will be able to provide help and advice on how to make your marketing budget go further – just ask the question!

PMD Give You A Few Tips On Boosting Your Marketing

We know it’s difficult for businesses to get noticed and turn ‘browsers’ into buyers, especially during tough times when customers have the power to shop around for the best deal. So we’ve put together a few additional tips on how you can add to your marketing and boost your awareness..


Network network network – Whether this is face-to-face, or through the wonderful world of LinkedIn, take advantage of any opportunity to circulate your name. Hand out business cards as much as possible, make yourself familiar, and make it clear what it is you have to offer potential customers.

Try it – Samples, incentives, promotional gifts – people want an insight into what you do, what you sell and what you stand for as a brand. Having your logo printed onto promotional items will give potential customers a reminder of you and are a highly effective way of imprinting your name in their mind!

Are you online? – As I’m sure you know by now, having an online presence is crucial in communicating both with existing and potential customers. Use your Facebook page, LinkedIn profile or Twitter account to spread the word about how great you are! Interact with your audience, and most importantly – listen to what they have to say about you!

Get Creative – Depending on the type of business you’re in, the more unusual your marketing tactics the more likely you are to make an impression. People love something different, something unique and something that grabs and holds their attention. Produce a weekly podcast, send out a creative mailing, create a YouTube channel, hold a workshop, write an e-book or sponsor your local sports team. The best tactics are the unique ones you come up with yourself! Don’t try do too many at once though – you need to find what works best for you and let it develop, that way you learn how to get the most out of your tactics.

Growing A Small Business: A Few Marketing Tips

Starting up a business can be tough. One of the most difficult things is reaching the audience you want to target and not only grabbing their attention, but also retaining that interest in you. There are a few ways you can do this..

  1. Market everything – There is an awful lot of noise in the market, and you have to make yourself stand above the rest. They key is to market everything and make yourself memorable to the consumer. Whether this is handing out more business cards at any available opportunity, producing more advertisements, promoting more sales or tweeting more tweets – getting your name stuck into the consumer’s mind as their first port-of-call is essential.
  2. Convenience – You need to fall into the consumer’s lap, make it easy for them. Convenience can make the difference in a consumer choosing you over a competitor. Make it easy to find you on the internet and make your website applicable for all types of technology – it is said that consumer’s now use more than one type of product to browse the internet, whether this is their mobile phones, tablets, laptop, make it convenient for them to see you and your website.
  3. Create incentives – Consumers love a deal! Incentives are key to drawing in custom, whether this is a loyalty scheme or discounts creating an attractive proposition grabs and retains consumers. Word of mouth is extremely powerful and if you can create higher levels of customer satisfaction and levels of engagement, your brand recognition will improve.
  4. Customer service – “I’m never going there again, the service was dreadful”. You will have heard this phrase many times I’m sure. Consumers have the power to be picky on which companies they deal with, the more competition in the market the more power they have in the decision, so one poor interaction with a customer can instantly lose you business. Keep in touch with the people buying your goods or using your service, use the feedback you receive, open up more channels of communication with them and build the trust in the relationship with your customers.
  5. Social media – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Tumblr, Istagram, it’s not enough to just be on one of these platforms anymore, you need to be embracing them all. And that doesn’t mean just having a presence, you need to be engaging and promoting yourselves on them. Use it as a communication tool as well as advertising on them, build up your network and spread the word about how great you are!

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