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Perhaps there is no greater way to put yourself directly in-front of your customers than at an exhibition or event, however you’re not only going to meet your future clients but your competition and you don’t want to disappear into the background. Exhibitions and events are your opportunity to shine and with a little help from PMD Creative Solutions you can really showcase your business, standing out from the crowd and make your competition take note.

Fortunately, we have a great deal of experience of designing installations that will stop people in their tracks, present your messages clearly and invite visitors to find out more. With experience of working in both large and small format stands we have created stands that bring to life our clients businesses and draw passers-by in to find out more. Once you’ve captured their attention we can also create a portfolio of appealing branded goods to ensure they’ll never forget you, from pens to branded mp3 players we know how to make you shine. Speak to our events team today to understand how we can help with any upcoming exhibitions or events.


From trailers to exhibition halls we’ve had pop-ups, vinyl and interactive display developed and delivered by the guys at PMD. The creative work they have done always catches the eye and we’re constantly referring them to visitors to our stands.

Jamie Warden: Think Renewables

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