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Stunning advertising which stops people in their tracks may be great in itself, but unless it also encourages them to act in some way then it could well be seen as a very expensive way to attract attention. That’s why we’re firm believers that all the advertising we do for our clients must have a commercial objective. We don’t simply create an advert and send it to the publication, we systematically work out the best approach and then how we can define success from its placement. Much more than your average advertising agency we manage the full process from:

Personal Targeting:
 We don’t begin with providing you with a long list of potential publications, instead we learn more about your audience and then work out what they’re reading, this way you can be much more targeted.

Media Bookings:
We offer a full media service from targeting through to negotiating the best rates. We don’t solely focus on commission so we offer our clients better value than dedicated media companies, yet we have the network to ensure we can deliver the same service.

Advertising Campaign Development:
Once we have established who we’re talking too and then how we’re going to reach them we start to develop the advertising concepts that will capture their attention. Working with your branding we design, develop and evolve a targeted approach to your audience.

Monitoring Response:
We believe passionately that all investment should deliver results and that’s why we integrate monitoring into our advertising. Our team have all come from a ‘direct response’ background and as such we track and quantify all elements of communication, this way we can tell you what does or doesn’t work!

As an advertising agency in Yorkshire we take our clients investment in publicity seriously. Through our approach we can deliver a clear understanding of which elements of advertising work or highlight where the marketing investment should be spent.


PMD Creative Solutions have produced a stunning campaign which reflects the brand beautifully and delivered on all our objectives

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