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The challenge

New Fox a highly experienced Yorkshire IT company that works with SMEs to ensure all their IT needs are met.

As the IT Market continues to evolve at such a fast pace they felt the need to review and define their offering.

The solution

PMD ran a series of fact finding workshops with the New Fox team to define their offering.  It was clear they had several divisions of expertise but the current brand and marketing approach was not delivering a clear and concise message.

We developed a new proposition for marketing the business and, by segmenting their core offering to three key areas, we helped to create a strong position of ‘experience’.

  • IT Solutions
  • Telecoms
  • Mobile Solutions

The sales team was divided into these three areas. Each group focused on their areas of strength and planning and strategy then evolved to drive key marketing campaigns for each sector.

As part of the full evaluation, PMD developed new marketing collateral to support the sales team and to ensure they attended every meeting armed with quality, professional and effective leave behinds.

The results

New Fox were delighted with the output for the brand.  The new approach emphasised areas of expertise and engaged the team in delivering a more assertive and focused marketing drive.

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