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The challenge

Denner Cashmere is an online brand and was recently purchased by an experienced entrepreneur in the cashmere fashion.

The re-launch catalogue to the customer database aimed to reactivate customers of the Denner Cashmere brand. A test of cold data was also used based on matching the customer profile to match data selections.

The creative challenge was to modernise the look and feel of the catalogue whilst maintaining an upmarket quality feel.

The solution

PMD developed a series of design and brand options for the catalogue.  This included the use of product photography in a way that allowed Denner Cashmere clearly differentiate itself from other mail order brands.

When Denner Cashmere had decided and selected the look and feel for the re-launch we produced the full catalogue, from design to finished artwork with all copy and images crafted into the new look.

The results

Denner Cashmere was thrilled with the catalogue produced by PMD and the outstanding sales from the re-launch provided a positive start for the business.  The new look and feel is something that is set to evolve in time.

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